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Visual Arts


Visual Art Education
Teaching Objective
Curriculum (Form 1 to Form 3)
l   Arts Education helps students to develop creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity.
l   To gain delight, enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in arts-making activities.
Curriculum (Form 4 to Form 6)
l   to provide students with a balanced arts curriculum and diversified arts learning experiences (For example: Painting、Craft、Ceramic、Comic、Design).
l   to develop an approach which integrates students’ learning in the arts, so that they acquire a holistic and deeper understanding across the arts and other art culture.
l   to foster learning to learn skills and life-long learning attitudes in the arts (For example: Digital Design ).
Teaching Strategy
Cooperative learning
To develops students’ autonomy and confidence by providing them with opportunities to make judgements on their own and others’ work. In the process, critical thinking is developed, which is an essential part of learning in the arts.
Personalized Learning
Students can make a selection of work to illustrate their achievements. This can be a combination of relevant materials in different formats, perhaps a selection of their best work.



Subject Teacher

Mr Chan Kai Pong




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