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Tourism and Hospitality Studies


Curriculum Objectives

Students are expected to develop knowledge and understanding of:
(a) the reasons why people travel and how the tourism and hospitality industry meets travellers’ needs;
(b) the interdisciplinary and diverse nature of the tourism and hospitality industry including tourist destinations, infrastructure and superstructures;
(c) local and international tourism and hospitality trends and issues, and their social, economic and environmental impact; and
(d) the major functional sectors within the tourism and hospitality industry and the career opportunities available.
Students are expected to master the skills to:
(a) develop a range of specific and generic skills, including effective communication skills, customer service skills, information-processing skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills; and
(b) apply appropriate skills in a wide range of tourism and hospitality industry and service-related situations.
Students are expected to cultivate positive values and attitudes that will enable them to:
(a) be willing to introduce local tourism resources to tourists;
(b) appreciate and respect the tourism resources of other places when they are tourists themselves;
(c) reflect on the role of tourist-host relationships and develop an appreciation of other cultures, customs and beliefs;
(d) appreciate the importance of integrity and ethical behaviour in the tourism and hospitality industry, and apply this to daily life situations;
(e) acquire an understanding of the personal qualities required for successful work in the tourism and hospitality industry, such as courtesy, initiative, adaptability, flexibility, and collaboration, etc.;
(f) value the importance of sustainability in the tourism and hospitality industry with respect to its economic, environmental, cultural and social contexts; and
(g) recognise and be able to demonstrate quality customer service.



Subject teacher

Miss Lee Ka Yi, Mr Mak Ho Lam




Study Group: Students are studying the project. 



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