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To allow students to be prepared to receive further learning opportunities or job opportunities, merge into the rapidly changing information oriented community, and to become lifelong learners of science and technology through providing physics related learning course
This course aims for students to be able to:
1. Have interest and maintain curiosity to the physics world;
    2. Build up and be able to apply physics knowledge. To appreciate the relationship between physical science and other disciplines
3. Investigate and understand the meaning of science through physics related stories and examples;
4. Grasp the skills needed when doing a scientific investigation;
5. Create a scientific, clear and creative mind, and to be able to solve physics related questions by themselves or with the help of others;
6. Understand the scientific language used in physics and to conjugate with others in similar issues;
7. Make logical decisions on physics related issues;
8. Take a responsible attitude when looking at the effects that physics could make towards communities, moral issues, the economy, the environment and present technology.


Subject Teacher:


Mr Chung Chi Wing



Physics Experiment 1

Physics Experiment 2


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